Pull up a stump, relax and enjoy

Working evening shift means I arrive home in the late evening.  The kids are in bed, dogs are awaiting my arrival and my husband is playing a game on the computer.  One may read this and think, how lovely or how nice…  Did I mention we have five puppies?  Our dog gave birth to her last batch of pups on April 6th. We have 3 small dogs, one female, Cuddles (aka Mom), a male, Winston (aka Dad) and another male, Swiper (aka Uncle).  Swiper is Winston’s biological “older brother”.  Winston and Cuddles have had two batches of pups and, according to Kalie, are happily married.  Once we found out there was a second batch we decided it was time to get Winston fixed.

So now let me set the scene again.  As I am walking to the front door at 11:30 at night the dogs are barking and there is my daughter standing in the window.  I open the door and instantly ask her what she was doing awake as five puppies roamed around my feet (which I ended up tripping over), pulling on my pant legs as the three adult dogs came to me for attention.

“I can’t sleep Mom.”

“Why can’t you sleep?”

“Field trip tomorrow!”

“Well you have to go to bed or you’ll be tired for your field trip.”

“Well Swiper wants to be awake.” (Swiper is very much Kalies dog)

“Well Swiper needs to go to bed too.” I state.

She seemed to accept this and went to bed.  Swiper in tow.

I relax and get settled in from a days work.  I no longer drive a truck but I do dispatch them.  This time of year work is slow with the weight ban still on.

Once I read a bit and fall into a good sleep my husband and I are awaken by rustling sounds… Puppies!  Making there 3 am tear throughout the house.  One pup is very attached to my husband and was whimpering at the bed for him to pick her up the rest were play fighting and running about.

We finally get them quieted down and fall back to sleep.

Morning time comes, time to get the kids off to school and to my new morning routine.  Feeding the goats and chicks.  I make the goats their special breakfast,  grab a scoop of chicken food and out I go.

I tend to the chickens first.  They are only three weeks old.  We have 6 laying hens and 5 meat kings.  The laying hens are getting their feathers and going through the awkward teenage faze.  The meat kings are growing fast and look as though they have quiet a large butt.  I open their door, they scurry around knowing what’s coming and have a game of “I’m better then you” with one another.  I get their feed and water filled and they are all taken care of.  Next… The goats.

We purchased two cute little Nubian doelings about a month ago, Belle and Snowflake.  The first couple of days I thought I’d have a concerned neighbor knocking on my door!  Belle sounded exactly like a child screaming.  Thankfully within a couple of days they got settled in and quieted down a bit.  Lucky for us the neighbors must have noticed the goats.

I go and open up their gate and then the door.  There are the two goats sleeping in their old bath tub, that was meant to be a hay trough.  They greet me with soft morning baas, do a big stretch and realize it’s breakfast time.

Both goats bound out of the tub and come barreling outside to get their breakfast.  As their eating I brush them up.  I know if goats could purr they would.  They just love their morning brushes. I sat and watch them for a few minutes.  Watching their funny little quirks.  They really bring a nice change to life.  The kids enjoy them and so does my husband.  He wasn’t fully on board and thought I was slightly wacky when I told him I wanted goats but he supported my decision and now they weaseled their way into his heart too.