… Will this ever end

… Will this ever end

I sat in the kitchen
Listening to the radio
Quietly… impatiently
Hoping to hear good news
Knowing deep down I wouldn’t.
I heard about the on going war
The pain…the suffering
…Will this ever end?

Then the depression returned.
I began to fret
Again… about my son
The day he went to war,
When he looked me straight in the eye, and said,
“I’ll be fine mom, don’t worry about me.”
I knew by the look on his face
He was scared…and wondered
…Will this ever end?

Then, I imagined my son in the trenches
If only we could trade places for one day
The blood…the mud
I too could feel the doom and death
Everyday I would
Hope and pray that I’d return… to my family
…Will this ever end?

Suddenly, I tuned into the radio
It blared, “The war is finally over!”
Waiting… four months
My son has not returned
Yes, the war has ended
And so has a part of me
Still, everyday I hear…”don’t worry about me”
…Will this ever end?


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