Day To Day Life

Every morning is the same routine.  Get the kids off to school followed by dogs going out to do their morning duty followed by feeding the farm animals.  Goats are very much routine oriented animals and if you slip in any way on that routine… you know!  They will “maaam” to no end until you smarten up.


On the weekends the kids help with the animals.  When I say help, they play with the animals.  Kalie likes taking care of the chickens.  She likes to cuddle the chickens but the goats want to play so Snowflake will give her a light head butt as if to say, “Um excuse me! I’m here too!”  Kalie isn’t too fond of the head butt.  Warren just likes to play in the pen and get the animals riled up.

We live on a side road which is where we often go for walks or Warren on his bike and Kalie on her scooter.  It’s such a small community and people will stop their car to talk whether they know you or not.  Which is nice. Plus it’s a beautiful time of year to take in the color and see what was hiding among the leaves.

Once the frost warnings started I dug up my geranium and potato vine plants, put them in pots to grow in the house for the winter.  So far they are happy with my decision.  They will not with stand the cold temperatures, it would be a shame to let them wilt and die.


Since we had lost a couple of layers from predators I got three more layers.  These road island reds are named Starlight, Marybell and Haley.  They stick together and have befriended Big Moe, Martha and Barbra.  They definately aren’t very fond of Big Curly, he’s a bit more agressive then Big Moe.  He does his rooster dance around the ladies, and he thinks he’s pretty hot stuff.  I think the ladies would beg to differ.

It’s such a beautiful time of year.  I was going to the feed store the other morning and the cold air with the warmer water made for a mysterious misty picture.  I couldn’t help myself, I had to pull over and take a picture.


I decided to get another job, two to three shifts a week, just for something to do. Get me out of the house to socialize with people other then farm animals.  So I’ll be working at the local coffee shop.  It’s five minutes from home, can work around my husband and kids schedule so it will work out pretty good.  Plus it will keep me from going stir crazy this winter.   Which if I don’t do something… I just might.


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