Wrangling Pigs

Throughout the day when I’m not out with the animals puttering around I’m looking out the patio door to check that all is well.  Normally I look out and see the chickens and goats basking in the sun or nibbling and pecking at this or that.  I look out yesterday and see two bald boars bounding around the pen, reaking havoc within the corral.  Running and bouncing curiously looking at different things and mowing down everything else.

Luckily for me my husband was still home.  We go out for a good ole fashion pig wrangle.  My husband grabbed a bucket of food and I was already in the corral thinking good Lord how are we going to get these big buggers back in their pen.  Also knowing this is my fault because I fed them last and forgot to nail the door shut.

So out comes my husband with the bucket of food, takes it in their pen and Rocky took the bait, in he went.  Rooter is much more head strong than Rocky… he wasn’t taking the bait.  So now one’s in and one’s out.  I have to hold the door closed so Rocky stays in while my husband wrangles Rooter.  After a bit of time and a fight Rooter was back in his pen.  But Rooter is quite a big pig and had over done himself with his stubbornness.  He ended up vomiting and panting uncontrollably.  We hosed him down to cool him off.  This helped a bit but he was beyond being tuckered out. So I hosed him down a couple more times and within a couple hours, after he had a nap he was back to his pushy self again.

Meanwhile while Rooter was distraught Rocky is wagging his nubby tail happily smacking away at the food he got for being a good pig.  He’d check on Rooter, nudge him with his nose, oink and go back to his food.  Rooter is the dominate one so he normally pushes his weight when it comes to the food.  Rocky thoroughly enjoyed his meal, solo.

Later that night I went to lock everything up.  As per usual the goats are standing on the chicken coop waiting for me to come lock them into their room for the night.  At this time of day they will not do their loud “mam” but they whisper their “mam” as I’m walking towards them.

Big Curly has proven to Big Moe that he is and always will be the more dominate rooster. So they’ve separated their sleeping quarters.  Moe sleeps in the goat pen with Martha and Barbra with Curly sleeps in the chicken coop with the rest of the ladies.

I get the goats and chickens all secured for the night and do my rounds looking for chickens.  As I do I check in at the pigs whom normally jump up with a snort.  But they were laying side by side sound asleep.  Tuckered out from their days events.



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